Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus 2018

When Aarhus hosts the Hempel Sailing World Championships in 2018 it will be for all 10 Olympic sailing classes plus Kitesurfing. It is going to be one of the largest sporting events ever in Denmark. During the event, Aarhus will be buzzing with excitement. Sailors from up against 100 nations will compete for Worlds medals and qualifying for the Olympics on the waves of Aarhus Bay.

Everyone can join

The new pier invites everyone to join the family-friendly activities. It will be a party for all ages and interests, with lots of action for both incarnated fans of sailing, and for those who are not yet familiar with the sport.
Stop by and feel the sea spray and the wind in the sails and join us in celebrating Aarhus, Denmark, The Sea and all of the great athletes.